10+ Unique Ideas for Your Christmas Decorations

10+ Unique Ideas for Your Christmas Decorations

Have you been thinking about unique Christmas decorations you can do this holiday season?

We’re guilty of that, too. There’s something about seeing all these decorations and lights that makes you delighted. It adds a whole lot of Christmas vibe you can only get once a year.

Well, it’s not yet too late to make your Christmas dreams happen! We rounded up creative and easy-to-do ideas for your Christmas decorations this year.

If these won’t put you in a holiday vibe, we don’t know what will. 😉

If you can’t decide whether you love Halloween or Christmas more, you should probably try this Haunted Christmas Tree.

You just got to be prepared for kids knocking for trick or treat until December.

Are you a Marvel fan? Then this Superhero Tree is just right for you.

Kids love this, too. We’re telling you!

You can even DIY your own Superhero Christmas Balls.

Just like these!

Or simply ‘gift wrap’ your door.

Simple and easy, right?

And if you want to give a gift to Mother Earth, these Christmas decor made out of recycled plastic bottles seems like a good idea.


All the Titos in your family will surely find this Hard Liquor Snowman a great idea.

Now you’re sure they’ll be present at your yearly family reunion.

If you want to ‘wow’ your visitors, why not turn your Christmas tree upside down?

They will wonder how you did that until they get home.

Now’s the perfect time to geek out and make a Harry Potter Tree in your home!

Just because Hogwarts didn’t have it doesn’t mean you can’t.

You’re a fashionista, you say? Dress up your mannequin with glitter.

This is so cute!

Here’s another shabby chic tree that will make your Christmas so pretty.

Doesn’t this make you excited?

No space, no problem. This Christmas Tree Wall Decor solves your problem.

Plus you can include photos that make you look back on your year, too!

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