5 Birthday Surprise Ideas You Should Start Planning Right Now

5 Birthday Surprise Ideas You Should Start Planning Right Now

Birthdays are meant to be celebrated. After all, it only happens once a year. The classic ‘happy birthday’ song plus a dedication cake never gets old. But in case you want to take their celebration to the next level, you should consider a surprise birthday bash.

Planning a birthday surprise requires extra time and effort—regardless if you’re doing it for your significant other, best friend, or family. And yet, seeing their faces light up because of too much happiness makes everything worth it!

If you’re running out of birthday surprise ideas that have not gone too ‘predictable’ yet, we got you. You don’t have to worry anymore! We rounded up a list of 5 birthday surprise ideas you can successfully pull off.

Birthday Surprise #1: Secret DIY Adventure Day

Secret DIY Adventure

Plan an entire day for them complete with everything they have been telling you they want to do. And when I say ‘complete,’ I mean C-O-M-P-L-E-T-E. Buy the outfit they’d wear for the day. Arrange your means of transportation (if needed). And create an itinerary from the moment they wake up until they fall asleep! There’s no perfect time to tick some items off their bucket list than the day they were born.

Whether they want to go and chase waterfalls, get a tattoo, or simply eat Thai food at a certain place they’ve been eyeing but never had the time to actually visit, make that happen.

What You Need To Do:

Take note of things they’re saying. They might be items they’ve been eyeing in the mall while you were shopping, or they might have told you that they want to do this or that during one of your conversations. Either way, take a little note of those details and build your itinerary around it.

Know their schedule. If you don’t have access to this, you probably need an accomplice.

Buy the things you need at least a week before ‘the day.’ Once you’ve built your itinerary and already have a date, you should already be booking your activities in advance and/or buying the stuff you need. And then, you’re all set!

Birthday Surprise # 2: Scavenger Hunt Challenge

Scavenger Hunt Challenge

For a memorable birthday surprise, try preparing for a scavenger hunt challenge. This is a fun way to celebrate one’s birthday. Even kids can do this! Be as creative and as silly as you can. At the end of the challenge, you surely will have laughed enough for their entire birth month!

What You Need To Do:

Choose a location (and accomplices). It can be anywhere! May it be a simple place like your house or your garden, or a little grander place like a park in Intramuros, the important thing is it’s somewhere you can leave your clues safely. This birthday surprise idea is best planned with 8 to 10 accomplices to be exciting!

Map out the challenge. Think of funny, easy-to-do challenges that they need to do to get the next clue. It can be as easy as doing a jump-and-clap exercise ten times or as silly as dancing at the side of the road. Assign the challenges to each accomplice, at different parts of your location, and create the mechanics for the entire challenge.

Create the materials/clues. This should be done at least a week before the challenge so you have enough time to distribute the materials or gifts you have for the birthday celebrator.

Buy ‘the gift.’ What’s your ultimate gift once he or she has completed the challenge? Buy your gift ahead of time so all you need to worry about on the day of the surprise is the execution of the challenge.

Birthday Surprise # 3: ‘Star-Studded’ Prom Night

Surprise Prom Night

Almost everyone dreams to be able to dance with their (celebrity) crushes. And with this birthday surprise idea, you get to make that dream happen for the birthday celebrator! All you need to do is know their crushes. This is perfect for a family or barkada birthday surprise.

What You Need To Do:

Create DIY masks. After knowing who their crushes are, the next step is to print out the faces of these people and create masks out of them. You can paste it in cardboard and cut them out so that it becomes wearable. The number of your accomplices should be equal to the number of their crushes (or vice versa). Make it a la 18 roses kind of dance.

Build a playlist. Since the entire concept is a prom night, you need to build a playlist that will play throughout the night. It would be best to have a mix of slow and upbeat songs to make it more fun!

Birthday Surprise # 4: Staycation Party

Staycation Birthday Party

The best thing about staycation parties is that it’s for all ages, it’s easy to prepare, and it involves relaxation and recreation in one! Plus, you can invite more people to join the fun. You can hold a mini party, host a potluck feast, or simply plan a relaxing staycation (with lots of food, of course)!

What You Need To Do: 

Book a hotel room or a BnB. There are a lot of nice places that are now searchable online for your staycation party.

Create a program and a guest list. Much like planning for an outdoor birthday party, your surprise staycation party should also have a personal touch and involve a segment where the birthday celebrator can feel that he or she is loved by the people around them.

Design the room. This is the best part of the surprise. Customize the room into something that the birthday celebrator loves. Choose a theme—it may be a Disney movie, a classic favorite color, or a little more unique like the Money Heist. As long as it’s the celebrator’s favorite, that should be great.

Birthday Surprise # 5: Happy Birthday Blog

Birthday Blog

If, for some reason, you can’t celebrate their birthday in person, there’s always a way for you to make their day special! Gather messages from the people important to them and create a birthday blog. There are free web hosting sites like Tumblr and WordPress that will allow you to easily set up an account.

This is how fans of LANY‘s lead vocalist, Paul Klein, surprised him on his 31st birthday. His fans from all over the world submitted their personal messages to Paul that were published on the blog. Such a sweet thing, right? And yes, even though your celebrator isn’t a famous star, gathering messages from the people they care about and dedicating a blog they can access anytime for them is still a heartwarming birthday surprise idea.

What You Need To Do:

Create a list of people you’ll get messages from. It’s important that you have a way to contact the people whom you want to be a part of this surprise. Of course, the more, the merrier. But make sure that you prioritize the most important people in their lives.

Think of a URL and set up your blog. It doesn’t have to be too creative. But it better be unique because it might already be taken!

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