6 Gifts For Book Lovers In Your Life

6 Gifts For Book Lovers In Your Life

Having a friend who loves to read gives you a free pass to different worldswhether based on imagination or reality. They will gladly share all the stories and knowledge they got from their favorite books. And it’s nice talking to them because you never run out of topics to talk about!

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about gifts for a book lover is, of course, books! But if you’re unsure whether s/he already read or has the book you think about giving, this list will help you.

Here are our most recommended literary gifts for book lovers:

1. Just One More Page Enamel Pin

Gifts for Book Lovers - Enamel Pin

This novelty item, no matter how tiny, is for all the bookworms out there! Regardless of the genre they are reading, every book lover is guilty of saying, “Just one more page.” Don’t be fooled, though! It actually means another chapter or three.

Available at www.punchdrunkpanda.com

2. Wooden Book Stand

Gifts for Book Lovers - Book Stand

Whether or not your friend has switched to e-books from paperbacks, this wooden book stand comes in as a handy gift for book lovers nonetheless. They can use this in their room or bring it with them to their favorite coffee shop.

Available at National Bookstore branches nationwide

3. LED Book Light

Gifts for Book Lovers - Light Lamp

We’re sure you can already tell your friend will love this just by merely looking at this book lamp! Book lovers find themselves reading at night. Not only this will help them read without having to leave the main lights on, but this book lamp is actually designed like an open book! Talk about a book lover’s dream.

Available at Shopee Philippines

4. The Reader Bookend

The Reader Bookend

Gifts for book lovers doesn’t have to be complicated, just like this bookend right here! It’s simple, unique, and it defines a bookworm for who they are.

Available at Quirks PH

5. Poetry Magnets

Poetry Magnets

Readers have favorite quotes from their favorite books and authors. With this special Book Lovers Kit from Poetry Magnets PH, your bookworm friend can display his/her favorite quote creatively! They can also make their own poems, too!

Available at Poetry Magnets PH

6. Literary T-Shirt

Literary Shirt for Book Lovers

Your friend has a favorite book, that’s for sure! Get them a literary shirt of their fave classic or novel with its words intricately designed in the shirt! This has got to be their favorite shirt from now on.

Available at www.litographs.com

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