7 Gift Ideas to Help you Send Gifts to Philippines without the Hassle

7 Gift Ideas to Help you Send Gifts to Philippines without the Hassle

Being away from your family is really difficult. Sometimes, when we are just on leave and spending some quality time out of the country, we already misses our friends, family and relatives. What more for those who’ve been working away from their loved ones. And it becomes even more difficult when you can’t spend special occasions with them. This is just one of the challenges our fellow Overseas Filipino Workers are facing every day. They are sacrificing a lot to provide their families a good life. And they have to work extra hard just to ensure that they can afford to send gifts to their loved ones when they miss celebrating special occasions with them.

Good thing, more and more options are becoming accessible to our fellow OFWs and friends abroad when it comes to gifting ideas. And we’ve cited some gift ideas here to help you get started. Just remember, for friends, relatives and loved ones abroad, you don’t always need to buy something expensive for your gifts, all that matters is that you remembered them on that special occasion.


  1. Chocolate

Various desserts: cakes and chocolate bars on turquoise rustic table, top view

What is the most common gift that never fails? Of course, chocolate! Our family and loved ones already expect this every time the balikbayan box arrives. What’s your favorite chocolate treat? What’s good with chocolates is that you’ll never run out of the type, kind, size and even variants and flavors to choose from. Ever since the world “balikbayan” was invented, we think chocolates played and until now is playing a big part to that moment when you heard of someone is coming home! Yey!

  1. Clothes
Clothes Shop Costume Dress Fashion Store Style Concept
clothes to send gifts to philippines

Another favorite fan-favorite are clothes. With all kinds of apparels, available abroad (branded or hip, indie etc) you’ll never have to worry with the options. Because there are a lot! The only problem is that you need to have really a personal connection to the person you’re gifting as giving clothes requires stored knowledge. Why? You have to remember their shoe-size or body type, etc. But, we are always good at stalking right? So this one you do not need to worry much as well.

  1. Gadgets

Travel gadgets flatlay on blue and pink background for travel concept

Of course, gadget being top preferred gift for some age-group and for those who are still studying, it is always a better option if you need to surprise someone with your gift. Who would not want it if they will receive a brand new smart phone or a game console or a smart watch? A laptop, for example, can be used for a research in work or school and at the same time can be used in communicating with them. Though you might need to be extra careful as this is already a valuable item, you have to consider how you are going to deliver it. Some opt to bring it with them and just hand it over to their recipient when they visit the Philippines. Some asks a very trusted and close friend to bring it for them. But whatever option you choose, just be extra careful if you will not deliver it yourself.

  1. Fashion Accessories

Top view, fashionable male and female personal items with space on a dark wooden background. Leather bag, shoes, watches, stylish accessories.

For those “kikay pamangkins” or trendy “titas”, you’ll never go wrong with accessories. And some can already be ordered online and deliver straight to their doorsteps, so you’ll not have to think about how are you going to pack it. These delivery services already have their own packaging to keep your packages safe.

  1. Bags

Women's handbag on two pastel color background. Copy space

Just like with fashion accessories and clothes, choosing bag is also great as it is functional and stylish at the same time.

  1. Beauty Kits (and Make-ups)

makeup cosmetics on wooden background. top view

Aside from fashion accessories, you can also try looking for make-ups or beauty essentials you think they will appreciate. Facial masks are most popular as well as lipsticks since these two may not cause too much harm (if the instructions and ingredients of the items you will buy are in different language) to them.

  1. Gift cheques

GC, the best items to send gifts to philippines

Lastly, since all items mentioned can already be bought here in the Philippines, Gift certificates could be something that you would want to consider since it would be easier for them to buy something they really like (and aspire), like the book they always wanted to read, or the latest pair of shoes in trend. Some gift certificates can also be bought online (hassle-free right?) and all you have to do is to wait for the package to arrive.


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