9 Gift Ideas For Your Boyfriend That Will Make Him Go So *Kilig*

9 Gift Ideas For Your Boyfriend That Will Make Him Go So *Kilig*

Gift ideas for your boyfriend don’t come easy, I know. And the fact that boyfriends don’t get spoiled every Valentine’s as much as girlfriends do—no matter what your sexual orientation is—doesn’t help at all.

Knowing what to get for your guy is challenging. They are either very simple or very complex. And I bet you would want your gift to be nothing less than the best.

Here’s a list to help you out.

1. A Music Box Of Your Theme Song

You can even customize the box! If your theme song isn’t on their list, you may want to choose a song that you’d want to dedicate to him instead.

Available at Ben and Bart

2. A Curated Gift Box

Customize your own gift set! Make your man feel the love on Valentine’s Day and surprise him with a box full of things he’ll totally dig, carefully packaged with pure love.

Available at Box and Petals

3. A Planet Bracelet

Your person becomes your universe when you’re in love. And if this is true for you, then you should definitely let him know that through a gift that literally gives them the world!

Available at The AU Shop

4. A Love Note with Toblerone

Guys are usually the ones to give chocolates. So if you give them one, it definitely is a surprise! Think of a sweet message for your man, plus a song you’d want them to hear on Valentine’s!

Available at Toblerone Philippines

5. A Photo Book of Memories

Photobook of Memories

If you’re the type of couple who loves to travel together and take tons of photos, it’s time to immortalize those moments into a photo book you can look at any time!

Available at Photobook Philippines

6. Matching Mugs

Couple Mugs

Now, I know you’re thinking that mugs are overrated. But these couple mugs are just too cute and fun!

Available at Mug Shop Manila

7. A Pair of Sneakers

A Pair of Sneakers

This is one of the gift ideas for your boyfriend that should always be on your list. Not one guy in the world is going to say no a pair of kicks they love! Get him one and your man will be over the moon.

Available in Urban Athletics

8. A Romantic Buffet Date

Romantic Dinner

Nothing beats the classic gift: a romantic date. Spending time with each other is a must this Valentine’s Day, especially if you don’t get to do that very often.

Reserve a table at Niu by Vikings

9. A Gift Certificate

Sodexo Premium Pass

And if you think none of these things can express your love to your man enough, get him a Sodexo Premium Pass instead and let him buy what he wants for himself! It’s a nice way to say, ‘Let’s go shopping!’ too! *wink*

Order now at www.GCregalo.com and get P400 off! Promo runs from February 5 to 29, 2020 only.

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