The Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Employees

The Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Employees

Christmas is just around the corner and true to the tradition of gift-giving this season, employers are already planning on what to give their employees. 

If you’ve been working in the corporate world for quite some time now, you’ll know the drill once the calendar hits December – get together parties, Kris Kringle, and Christmas party exchange gifts. This may even be more daunting for employers because they have to consider giving gifts to all their employees who might have different needs and wants.

One of the many things that employers must consider in giving out Christmas gifts is that employees should find them useful. Here are some practical Christmas gift ideas you can choose from:


Daily Planners or Notebooks

The Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Employees - Planner / Notebook

This may be impractical for some especially in this digital age where everything can be done at your fingertips. But planners and notebooks are not yet really outdated especially if you need to write or take note of something out of the blue. And when the inner artistic in you kicks in, you can write all the ideas in your head without worrying about running out of battery.


Tumblers or Mugs

The Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Employees - Tumblers or Mugs

Tumblers and mugs are some of the most common ideas for Christmas giveaways because these are must-haves for employees in the workplace. It saves them time and energy to go back and forth just to drink water or coffee in the pantry, and they can focus more on their tasks.


Mobile Accessories

The Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Employees - Mobile Accessories

If you’re feeling a little generous for all the hard work and effort of your employees, giving them mobile accessories such as earphones and power banks may even make them more inspired, thankful, and productive.


Christmas Hams or Christmas Baskets

The Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Employees - Christmas Hams and Baskets

Employees look forward to these gifts because they are not only useful, they are also practical. They can save thousands of pesos for their Noche Buena or Media Noche feast and serve delicious food for their loved ones.


Sodexo Gift Certificates

The Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Employees - Sodexo Gift Certificates

Planning and choosing Christmas gift ideas for employees may get really stressful, good thing the GCRegalo website offers various kinds of Sodexo gift certificates you can order online. The gift certificates are accepted in thousands of merchants across the Philippines. Your employees can choose where to use the gift certificate and purchase the gift they really want to have or treat their families to a sumptuous meal in the leading and most sought-after restaurants and fast food chains in the country.

Gift vouchers are the most practical and most useful gift you can give to your employees this Christmas season. Not only does it saves you time in coming up with the perfect Christmas gift, it also enables your employees to enjoy their shopping experience and choose the gift of their choice. They can buy planners, notebooks, spill-proof tumblers or mugs, mobile accessories, and even Christmas Hams and Christmas Baskets with it. GC Regalo also makes gift certificate shopping easier. Know more about it and the available Sodexo gift certificates for employee gifting in the Philippines via