Best Incentive Ideas your Employees will Love this Holidays

Best Incentive Ideas your Employees will Love this Holidays

Less than a week before Christmas but it is not yet late to give incentives for your hard working employees. However, though it may be a last minute gift idea, make sure that it is still a rewarding and gratifying present.

Also, imagine that you’re at the receiving end and think of the value, usefulness, or experience it will give you. By doing this, it would be easier to determine what gifts your employees would want to receive this Christmas.

To help you identify which gifts your employees will love to receive, we’ve round up the best gift ideas for a more memorable and satisfying experience:

Professional Development Programs

Best Incentive Ideas your Employees will Love this Holidays - Professional Development Programs

Professional development benefits both the employees and organization, resulting in more productive output and significant results for them.

1. Courses and Seminars – Letting your employees attend seminars and courses to improve their skills, gain certifications relevant to their jobs, and meet new people will bring in not only added knowledge for them but also potential revenue for the business.

2. Memberships – In this digital age, there are online services and programs that provide people new skills or additional knowledge in specific disciplines. These online programs can sometimes be free or come with membership fees that the company can cover for a particular period of time.

3. Books – If your employees can’t find the time to squeeze in the schedules for seminars or courses, you can give them books. Also, these books could help them gain more understanding and knowledge they can apply to enhance their skills and competency in their respective fields.

Extra Free Time or Time Off

Best Incentive Ideas your Employees will Love this Holidays - Extra free time

No matter how hard working employees are, a little extra time off will definitely be a good incentives idea.

1. Extra Lunch Hour – Give them time extension for their lunchtime so they could relax a little bit more.

2. Early Time Out – An hour of an early timeout in a work day is a great incentive idea especially for those who always render overtime to finish their deadlines for the day.

3. Work from Home – Allow them to work from home even just for a day so they can attend to other important things. But, make sure that they will be able to finish their deliverables 

Experiential Rewards

Best Incentive Ideas your Employees will Love this Holidays - Experiential Rewards
Sometimes, employees prefer simple rewards that would give them a chance to experience something that they do not always get to do.

1. Concert/Event Tickets – Treat them to an event or concert which you think they would be interested in attending to give them some relaxing time off work.

2. Access to Local Attractions – Let them enjoy their time leisurely by going to local attractions that would alleviate their stress even just for a short time.

3. Gift Certificates – Gift certificates are the most preferred gifts by employees since there are a lot of things that they can do or purchase by using them. For example, the leading gift certificate in the Philippines, the Sodexo Premium Pass, is accepted in thousands of Partner Merchants in the Philippines. It gives the gift certificate holders the freedom to choose their rewards and they can even share them with their loved ones.

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Purchasing Sodexo gift certificates is easy and hassle-free. No need to brave the traffic in the metro because you can do it even in the comfort of your own office.

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