Methods to Use Channels Incentives in B2B Marketing

Methods to Use Channels Incentives in B2B Marketing

Good Channels Incentives should be one of the primary factors when it comes to planning your annual Rewards Programs.

This is crucial particularly if you aim to build closer ties with your B2B Partners. When implemented correctly, these incentives will become valuable and may bring a positive outcome to your business goals this year.

Furthermore, an effective sales performance reward program helps in boosting brand awareness and loyalty.

In order to use effective sales incentives in B2B marketing, here are some tips to consider:

1. Offer Market Collective Loyalty Rewards

Methods to Use Channels Incentives in B2B Marketing - Offer Loyalty Rewards

In definition, market collectives are groups of customers that have the largest impact to your B2B sales. Treat each member of these groups as a VIP channel client to avoid losing them. Come up with a new Sales Channel Strategy that would make your program stand out from those of your competitors.

2. Develop Clear-Cut Incentive Sales Promotions

Methods to Use Channels Incentives in B2B Marketing - Develop Sales Promotions

When the incentives promotion is clear, it will be easier for them to determine what they should do to surpass the sales goal. Also, they can identify the ways how they can perform better. With this, you can improve your sales and at the same time, show gratitude to your Sales Partners.

3. Consider Presenting Different Kinds of Incentives

Methods to Use Channels Incentives in B2B Marketing - Consider Different Kind of Incentives

Rewards that involve money are the usual kinds of incentives companies are used to giving. However, experiential rewards such as travel packages and gift certificates are some of the non-monetary rewards that can increase sales motivation for your Channels.

In particular, gift certificates in the Philippines have become one of the top incentives– from Employee Rewards, Loyalty Programs, Consumer Promotions, Sales Channels Rewards, and even personal gifting.

Sodexo offers various gift certificates that cater to the needs of the companies and the public in general. Thousands of Partner Merchants nationwide accept the Premium Pass, the only universal gift in the Philippines.

Recipients can use the Sodexo Premium Pass to shop in leading malls, dine in most in-demand food chains and restaurants, and buy gadgets and appliances. They can also be used for staycations in hotels and for a relaxing timeout in health and well-being clinics.

They can also share the GCs with other people for an unforgettable shopping and dining experience. Recipients such as your Sales Channels can enjoy using the Sodexo gift certificates with their loved ones, friends, or colleagues – truly giving them an enjoyable experience they could not experience with the other rewards.

Giving out channels incentives as part of B2B marketing shouldn’t break the bank and be a hassle for companies. Sodexo gift certificates are the best rewards ideas for corporate programs like this. Thru GC Regalo, companies can conveniently order online up to P500,000 worth of GCs and wait for them to be delivered right to their office.

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