15 Christmas Gifts for Kids That They Will Surely Love

15 Christmas Gifts for Kids That They Will Surely Love

If there are people who love Christmas gifts more than anything, they are the kids in our life. Nothing makes them all bright and jolly on Christmas Eve than the thought that Santa Claus grants their wishes for Christmas!

Kids are not very hard to please. You’ll know exactly how happy they are with your gift because you’ll see right through the tinkle of their eyes. And yes, that also means it’s going to be obvious if they don’t like your gift at all.

But don’t worry! We got you. Here’s a list of Christmas gifts for kids that they will surely love.

1. Baby Snuggle Toy

Every kid has a comfort item, and it doesn’t have to be a blanket all the time! If you’ve been thinking about what gift would be perfect for your 2 or 3 years olds, then this baby snuggle toy should be a top option.

Available at Cotton On Kids

2. Fluffy Pillows

Send them any of these cute and fluffy pillows they would definitely love to cuddle with during bedtime! They can even bring this during their field trips.

Available at Miniso

3. Fuzzy Penguin Socks

Let these fuzzy penguin socks warm their tiny feet during this cold December weather.

Available at Forever21

4. Avengers Hero Masks

Does your kid love the Avengers? Then a hero mask will make them scream for joy. Make sure you pick their favorite character!

Available at Toys R Us

5. Inflatable Iron Man Tumbler

You don’t think they’d like masks? Well, here’s another Marvel collectible they can’t resist. It’s available in different characters!

Available at Toy Kingdom

6. Soft Chicken Slippers

Even you have to admit that these chicken slippers are the bomb!

Available at Typo

7. Olaf Vinyl Figure

Enough with the Anna or Elsa dilemma. For sure, Olaf is loved by everyone. Get them this Olaf vinyl figure and remind them of the bright and sunny personality they should always—just like Olaf.

Available at Toy Kingdom

8. Character Shirt

The thing about character shirts is that you can always choose a character that your recipient loves. And it’s definitely useful! Just make sure you get the right size for your kiddo.

Available at Uniqlo

9. Game Controller

I know! Kids nowadays play indoors more than outdoors. And if the kid you’re about to give a gift to spends more time playing video games than s/he is playing outside, then this game controller will make them very happy.

Available at Abenson

10. Printed Oval Handbag

This one’s for all your kikay kids out there, definitely.

Available at Cath Kidston

11. BTS Uno Cards

Fulfill their love for this Korean pop idol (make sure they are a fan) and give them something to play with their family and friends! It’s actually a great collectible item. Plus, it’s a way for them to bond with their loved ones, too!

Available at Toys R Us

12. Enchanted Kingdom Tickets

Set a date with your kid and take them out for a magical day! And what better place to do that than Enchanted Kingdom? It’s the closest thing to Disneyland we can have, to be honest.

Get tickets at Enchanted Kingdom

13. Memory Enhancement Game

If you’re thinking about giving them a learning tool more than a toy, then you’ll find this one just about right! It’s an educational game, plus it’s fun to play!

Available at National Bookstore

14. Make Your Own Planetarium

Here’s another educational game. This one’s for the science geeks kids that you have! If they love stars, the solar system, and the galaxy, they will absolutely love building their very own planetarium.

Available at Toy Kingdom

15. Baby Dino Piñata

And lastly, this one’s for your December birthday celebrants! I know you usually turn your Christmas and birthday gift into one. But with this, you can fill it up with all the Christmas gifts for kids (just like how you’ll fill up a Christmas stocking). And for sure, they’ll be extra merry.

Available at Toys R Us

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