Clever Gifts to Say ‘I’m Sorry’

Clever Gifts to Say ‘I’m Sorry’

Did you recently hurt the feelings of someone you care? Said something that you didn’t expect to be offensive? Sometimes, words are not enough. For whatever reason, using gifts, we are here to help you make it through and express you’re sorry.

So, here are some of the most clever gifts to say ‘I’m sorry’ to that special someone of yours.

Flower Boquet

Price: P1,200 to 2,500

Where to buy online:

The old romantic standards of apology flower bouquet are always appreciated for personal relationships and even in business.

That’s why they’ve become standards but make sure to take the time though to choose the right ones. Flowers have a great deal of symbolism and meaning so know which flowers to buy and what colors to get.


Price: P350 to P500 (We highly recommend to give premium chocolates )

Where to buy: Rustan’s Supermarket, Wellcome, Shopwise

Chocolate is packed full of feel-good endorphins that make you feel happy making it an ideal gift if want to say sorry. Like flower bouquets, giving chocolates is an all-time never fading sweet and sincere gesture.

Buffet Treat

Price: Adult Weekday Lunch: 788 (+5% service charge), Adult Weekday Dinner: 988 (+5% service charge), Adult Weekends/Holiday Lunch & Dinner: 988 (+5% service charge)

Where to Dine: Vikings 

With buffet treat, you can have the opportunity to make lighter conversations about what happened while enjoying awesome food with tons of options. This is a perfect treat especially if your recipient is a certified foodie.

Personalized Pillow

Price: P360 (Small)-P1,100 (XL)

Where to buy online: photofusion

Pillow is something you cuddle making it a cheesy present. Put a sweet & cute apology message on the pillow and for sure, you will lighten up the mood of your special someone. What makes it more extra special is the thought you put on it. Your pillow will also serve as a reminder of how much you care and that you feel sincerely sorry.