Different Employee Rewards Options

Different Employee Rewards Options

Your employee rewards system greatly affects the engagement and motivation of your organization which reflects your company’s overall performance and commercial KPIs of each of your employees. One of the many failures of most leaders is not having the right employee rewards system. High-value rewards do not imply that your reward system is effective to promote a happier and more motivated workplace. Not having the right reward system is simply a waste of company’s resources, time and energy.

Remember, in providing employee rewards and incentives, you must in-line your system with your company’s culture, vision, and goals while satisfying and providing excitement for each and every part of the organization.

Here are some of the creative rewards options you can choose to start with:

Non-monetary rewards

Different Employee Rewards Options - Non Monetary awards

The more personalized, the more authentic and memorable your reward is. Remember that high caliber employees do not only work for money, they seek deeper value for their work. A special plaque that describes his/her effort and accomplishments for the organization is a great channel to foster a sense of appreciation for your top performers. Also, it provides a more encouraging and thriving working environment.

Gift certificates

Different Employee Rewards Option - Gift Certificates
Gift certificates are considered as one of the top preferred employee rewards and recognition in the Philippines as it provides the freedom to choose for your recipients while ensuring that your reward is more memorable than cash incentives and reward. Also, gift certificates look more presentable and special when awarded compared to cash. Sodexo Premium Pass is considered as the best gift certificate in the Philippines with over 10,000 merchant outlets nationwide.

Leave incentive

Different Employee Rewards - Leave Incentive
Work-life balance is very important for millennial employees today. They believe that they work to enjoy life and make the most out of it. Providing additional leave incentive portrays that you as an employer values their life outside of work while recognizing the value of their hard work. Work-life balance is not only important for personal health and relationships, in fact, but employees are also more efficient when they are happy with their personal life, giving additional time for themselves will help them improve their personal life.

Free team lunch

Different Employee Rewards - Free Team Lunch

Teamwork makes the teamwork! Aside from individual rewards for individual accomplishments, it will also be great to promote teamwork by giving free lunch with each team accomplishments. It will also be a very great channel to promote personal bonding with the teams to improve their relationships at work. You can give Sodexo Premium Pass to your team where they can spend it with the best restaurants they prefer.