Best Romantic DIY Gifts for Your Boyfriend

Best Romantic DIY Gifts for Your Boyfriend

Sometimes, when we want our boyfriends to feel special, we go the extra mile and do DIY stuff as a gift. We don’t mind spending our time crafting creative gifts just to see the sweet smiles on their faces. Every effort is worth it because we know they’ll appreciate something we’ve put a lot of thought and effort into.

So whether it’s Valentine’s Day, your anniversary, his birthday, or just another ordinary day, here are the most romantic, easy-to-do DIY gifts that will make your boyfriend kilig all over.

We know they can have different likes and interests, so we already categorized each gift for you!

1. A Curated Spotify Playlist, for the boyfriend who likes music


Since we’re no longer creating mixtapes (although that still sounds like a great idea, too!), you can go with a customized Spotify playlist instead. Pick songs that remind you of him and your relationship. Or add songs that you want to dedicate to him! You can also upload a customized album cover to make it more special. This is probably the easiest thing you can do, but you can’t deny that it’s very romantic, too.

Material/s needed: A phone, an Internet connection, a Spotify account, and a heart full of love

2. Lego Star Wars Clock, for the geeky boyfriend

Attention, girlfriends with geeky boyfriends! This one’s for you.

Your boyfriend already loves you but he’ll love you even more when you give them a DIY clock made out of his favorite fictional character! Whether he’s a Marvel fan, a Star Wars fan, or a LOTR fan (or any other geek movie), you can adapt this idea and turn it into a clock that he’ll surely love.

Material/s needed: Lego mini-figures, flat clay or wood circle, print out of an iconic image from his favorite movie, black and white paint, paintbrush, toothbrush, hanging wall clock kit (with hands!), permanent glue, and accessories that fit with it

3. Handmade Distance Bracelets, for the clingy boyfriend

Do you constantly miss each other? Then, having a distance bracelet is just right for you. (Yes, this isn’t just for LDR couples!)

This is one of the DIY gifts for your boyfriend that he can actually use daily, anywhere he goes. It’s a stylish reminder of you and your love for each other.

If you don’t have the time or resources for this (but it kind of defeats the DIY purpose, right?), you can choose to buy handmade crafts online. There are a lot of vendors in the Philippines like The AU Shop that can supply your long-distance bracelets.

Material/s needed: Stone beads (garnet and rose quartz are most recommended), leather cord, nylon thread, and beading needle

4. Basketball Ring Gift Pack, for the sporty boyfriend

Filipinos are obsessed with basketball, so it’s not going to be surprising if your boyfriend is obsessed with it, too. Sometimes, you might think, he loves basketball more than you! (But you know that isn’t true.)

Turn an ordinary basket into a basketball ring! Fill it with all the goodies he loves. It may be his favorite snack or little cute tokens. You may include a few sentimental items for both of you, too! Draw a ring to complete the look, and include a basketball-related message to make it more personalized. To help you get started, here are a few ideas: You’re my slam dunk! or You must be great at defense because you stole my heart.

Material/s needed: basket bin, cardboard, markers, and goodies

5. LED Star Canvas, for the boyfriend who loves the galaxy


Now, this is a little tough to do. But once you do it properly, you’ll have one of the most amazing DIY gifts for your boyfriend!

Show him how much he lights up your life with this DIY LED Star Canvas. Relate the constellation you’ll be choosing to your relationship. Maybe you’ve gone stargazing together. I’m sure you still remember how the night sky looks like when you spent time with him. If that doesn’t apply to your relationship, you can always use a constellation guide

Follow this step-by-step guide so you can do your very own LED star canvas.

Material/s needed: Black foam board, battery-powered LED lights, box cutter, glue gun, screwdriver, and a silver permanent marker

6. Hand-Painted Sketch, for the artsy boyfriend

Unleash your creative prowess and do a handpainted sketch of your favorite couple photo! You can do this in different sizes.

Does he keep a photo of you in his wallet? You can do a wallet-size portrait. Does he have a study table? Do something the size of a postcard. Don’t be afraid of the paintbrush. Your art doesn’t have to be perfect. In fact, if we’ll ask him, I bet he loves you for your imperfections. *kilig*

Material/s needed: Vellum board, paintbrush, and watercolor

7. Love Coupons, for the romantic boyfriend


Are you the type of couple who always have trouble deciding what to do on date night? Well, this might be the solution! Sure, this one’s a remarkable gift for your boyfie, but it benefits both of you!

Customize your love coupons based on your interests as a couple. Since you’re doing this for him, throw in some of his special requests that you keep on ignoring. Let him redeem it when he wants it, but make sure that the terms and conditions indicate that it’s for one-time use only! You don’t want to regret doing this, do you?

Material/s needed: Basic Photoshop skills, special card paper, scissors, printer, and a small box (if you want to store it in there)

8. Pull-Out Photo Album, for the sentimental boyfriend


Transform a tiny little box to an album that will take you both back to memory lane! This DIY project is perfect for girlfriends who love taking photos. You won’t have trouble looking for the ones to include in here because for sure, they are already in your favorites. Am I right?

At the end of the pull-out album, you can include a sweet message for your boyfriend. Keep it short!

Material/s needed: Tiny box, 2×2 couple photos, and transparent tape

9. DIY Couple Travel Wallet, for the boyfriend who loves adventure

If you and your boyfriend enjoy traveling together and checking items off your travel bucket list, you should both have this!

Make your travels more meaningful with this handmade travel wallet. Use this whenever you travel and you’ll be the cutest couple! You can put your documents in here, stash away receipts as souvenirs from the countries you visited, or simply keep your money in there (after all, it’s a wallet). Plus, it’s absolutely a fun DIY project!

Material/s needed: craft foam sheets, scissors, ruler, glue gun, sewing machine, elastic bands, scrapbook materials (for design), and cardboard patterns (of your preference)

10. Explosion Box, for the boyfriend who likes surprises


Surprise your boyfriend with an explosion box! At first sight, it looks like an ordinary gift box. But once he opens it, the box “explodes” and forms an extraordinary album of some sort that consists of photos, messages, and other memorabilia.

You’d think an explosion box is complicated, but with enough time, it’s not going to be that hard to construct. There are cutting guides for the cardboard and the lid available on the Internet to help you accomplish an explosion box.

Material/s needed: 12×12 inch colored cardboard (one for each layer—you decide how many!), 12×12 or 8.5×11 inch printed cardboard (for the lid), adhesive tape, paper cutter, photos, and scrapbook materials

11. 365 Days of Love Jar, for the cheesy boyfriend


DIY gifts for your boyfriend doesn’t have to be grand. It just has to be thoughtful.

This 365 Days of Love will keep you with him for an entire year! This gift idea is best for long-distance couples, although it works for couples who are clingy, too. Write the reasons why you love him, random relationship memories, couple bucket lists, and more! He’ll either read these all at once or once a day, and honestly, I don’t think which one is sweeter.

Material/s needed: Colored papers and mason jar

12. Calligraphy Notebook, for the introvert boyfriend

We know! It’s not only girls who love stationery! If you’re one of the girlfriends who have an introvert boyfriend, who constantly struggle to find a notebook designed for men in stationery stores here in the Philippines, DIY-ing his own notebook will be the best choice.

Brush up your calligraphy skills! Write his name on the cover of the notebook. He’ll love your gift even before he sees whether it’s lined, dotted, or blank. That’s for sure!

Remember: the best DIY gifts for your boyfriend are packaged with love.

Material/s needed: brown notebook with bare cover and calligraphy pen

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