Gift Checks vs Gift Cards in the Philippines

Gift Checks vs Gift Cards in the Philippines

Gift checks and gift cards make an ideal present because it avoids ‘epic fail’ gifting moments as you are giving your recipient the freedom to choose the gift they like. The challenging thing is what a gift check or a gift card to choose. There are a lot of options out there. Various store outlets offer gift cards and gift certificates and you can choose from clothing, restaurants and other specialty stores.

In this article, we will be discussing which one is a better and more practical choice for gifts, -Gift checks or gift cards?

Advantages of Gift Cards over Gift Checks

Gift Checks vs Gift Cards in the Philippines - Gift Card Advantages

In terms of aesthetics and durability, there is no doubt that a gift card is clear between the two. With gift cards, you don’t need to worry about your gift getting crumpled or torn as they are made up of plastic compared to gift checks or gift vouchers which are actual papers with special security features. In terms of design choices, gift cards also provide more option depending on the occasion. Gift Cards usually offer various designs for birthdays, christening, corporate, wedding and Christmas. While on the other hand, gift checks commonly have one design.

Advantages of Gift Checks over Gift Cards

Gift Checks vs Gift Cards in the Philippines - Gift Checks advantages

You are giving gift cards or gift vouchers because you want your recipient to choose the stuff they want to buy for themselves right? The more options for your recipients, the better. For this area, the winner will be the gift checks. Gift cards from specialty stores offer very limited option where gift cards issued by them can only be used at their own stores. In the Philippines, Sodexo benefits and Rewards offers Sodexo Premium Pass which is accepted in more than 10,000 merchant outlets nationwide including the top and most preferred brands in the country like Bench, Human, Kashieca Jollibee, Mang Inasal, Chowking, Krispy Kreme, The SM Store, SM Supermarket and so on.

So which one is a better option?

Remember that the main purpose of giving a gift card and gift vouchers as present is to ensure that your recipient will likely to buy aspirational things and in the Philippines, Sodexo Premium Pass offers the widest selection of choices for your recipient. Though gift checks normally not customized based on the occasion, you can actually use gift voucher envelopes with nice designs based on the occasion and purpose of your gift. Sodexo Premium Pass is also famous in the Philippines as rewards and incentives for employees in BPO and other industries. Online, you can buy both gift certificates and gift check envelopes at