Your Guide to Giving Gifts for the Health-Conscious

Your Guide to Giving Gifts for the Health-Conscious

Buying gifts for health-conscious people is fun, especially now that Filipinos are now becoming more proactive in taking care of their health. You want to choose gifts that would match their fitness goals. And as you do, you also get to educate yourself about the products that can help you have a healthier way of life.

Do you know a health enthusiast—someone who lives an active lifestyle, someone who inspires you to treat your body well?

Here are the most recommended gifts for health-conscious people in your life.

1. Marathon Tech Runners

There’s nothing a health-conscious person would appreciate more than a new pair of kicks. It’s like their second best friend in the world. Whether they want to hit the gym, go for a night run, or simply do a home workout, a reliable pair will surely be a hit.

Get them this retro-looking, vintage-inspired running shoes that’s perfect for an everyday runner.

Available at Sports Central branches nationwide

2. Bedroom Pillow and Blanket

When buying gifts for health-conscious people, we think about all sorts of exercise accessories and diet essentials that we can give. What we often forget is that part of their self-care routine is getting a good night’s sleep.

Getting them a comfy weighted blanket will help them achieve a full round of sleep. Weighted blankets also benefit one’s mental wellbeing as it is used to reduce chronic stress and anxiety.

Available at Our Home branches nationwide

3. Rustan’s Gift Certificate

For sure, shifting from their careless eating habits to a healthier lifestyle has not been easy for them. It’s important that you show them you understand their struggle. One way to express your genuine interest in their lifestyle is by encouraging them to have healthy grocery shopping, too. Healthy grocery shopping is the key to healthy eating.

Rustan’s Supermarket offers a wide array of fresh ingredients, healthy food selections, and nutritious treats for your health junkies. Gifting them a gift certificate that will give them the freedom to choose their preferred meals and food ingredients will surely be appreciated.

For a hassle-free gifting experience, you may order your Rustan’s Gift Certificates at

4. Pinoy Vegetarian Cookbook

In case you don’t know yet, the best way for you to track your food intake is by having self-prepared meals at home. If your recipient is vegan, they know that it is a struggle to find vegan-friendly food, especially if they live far from the city.

Support their healthy lifestyle by getting them a recipe book that contains all the easy-to-prepare meals for their diet. Choose a book authored by Filipinos. It’s more likely that recipes included in this book also makes use of ingredients available in the local market. This book will help your recipient create food he or she likes without breaking their diet.

Available at National Bookstore branches nationwide

5. Hand-Held Food Mixer

Here’s one of the best gifts for health-conscious people in your life: a hand-held food mixer.

This kitchen tool will make preparing homemade meals easier. It’s a very reliable kitchenware that can help them blend their food, create a smoothie, or prepare any meal they’re making. Remember that cookbook we’re planning to give them? This one complements that.

Available at Miniso branches nationwide

6. Fitbit Activity Tracker

Getting your health-conscious friend an activity tracker is like being their gym buddy! It will help them become more active, eat a more well-rounded diet, and sleep better. It’s a fitspiration and a personal trainer in one tiny device.

By giving them this as your gift, you help them achieve their fitness goals. And for people who value their health so much, that one’s a winner.

Available at Digital Walker branches nationwide

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