Hottest Birthday Gifts for 2019

Hottest Birthday Gifts for 2019

No matter what your age is, during your birthday celebration, blowing your candle is always fun even if it’s a sign of another year of getting old! For our family, friends and loved ones, we always want the most memorable and fun birthday for them. We want to make it touching and sweet! Oftentimes, we do ‘surprise’ them with either a present or a party. Giving birthday gifts might sound fun but is actually somehow difficult as we want to ensure that we will give the best birthday present for the celebrant. Of course, we don’t want to disappoint them during their special day

To help you get ideas on what gift to give, here are some of the ‘trendiest’ and hottest birthday gift ideas for all ages this 2019!

1. The Gift for Travel Junkies: GoPro Action Camera

GoPro is very famous with millennial peeps as it serves as their travel buddy or ‘gadget-to-go’ for their travel adventures. It provides insanely smooth video with best-rugged features and can be drown as deep as 33ft below the sea! GoPro’s newest release is the GoPro Hero7.

2. For the fanatics: Kpop Memorabilia

Who is not familiar with Kpop? Many young kids or even teenager and adults here in the Philippines are ‘Kpop fanatics’ and there are a lot of Kpop collectibles like light sticks (used in concerts), photo card and posters. If your little sister, cousin or nephew is a Kpop fanatic, surely, he/she will love your Kpop memorabilia.

3. The Gift for the Foodie: Nutribullet

Nutibullet is more than just a normal blender where you can get the most out of your favorite fruits and vegetables. Aside from being able to extract and vitamins and minerals, you can use the Nutribullet to make an array of food on condiments. From smoothies to soups, dips, and sauces this versatile device is able to process it all. This is a perfect gift for mommies or for health-conscious individuals who want to keep their shapes.

4. For Gamers: Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch is the hottest release device from storied game giant Nintendo. Many gamers say this is ‘The Game Console’ to get because of its innovative features and epic game lineup. If your birthday celebrant is a ‘gamer’ regardless of his age and hasn’t bought this yet, this is the gift of choice for him. With Nintendo Switch, you can play at home on or the go, as it functions just as well in its docked and portable mode. Currently, there are many excellent titles such as Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Super Mario available, ensuring that they are bound with enjoyment and fun as soon as they get the device

5. Sodexo Premium Pass

Sodexo Premium Pass is the gift of choice for all ages. If you want to be 100% sure that your celebrant will love your gift, give them the Sodexo Premium Pass as it will give them a sense of freedom when it comes to what they really want for their special day. With Sodexo Premium Pass, your recipient can actually buy all the stuff mentioned above. It is also accepted in over 10,000 merchant outlets nationwide. You may order the Sodexo Premium Pass and other gift checks at