K-Pop Stars Get Extremely Expensive Gifts From Fans

K-Pop Stars Get Extremely Expensive Gifts From Fans

K-Pop stars have received all sorts of extremely expensive gifts from their fans in the past. It was traditionally the norm for K-pop fans to shower K-pop stars with extravagant gifts, but the trend is often disfavored when it goes to the extreme. However, the trend has shifted in recent years. These days, fans donate money to charities on their favorite stars’ birthdays, and a growing number of fans are also following the trend.

We all know fans love their idols and will do anything to show them their dedication. Here are some of the extremely expensive gifts received by K-Pop stars from their fans.

1. Gold bar

Gold bar

BTS‘s Jungkook, who’s popularly called by fans as golden maknae (youngest member), got an actual 50 gram gold bar for his birthday last 2017! This expensive gift is surely a unique item and not all fans can fit this gift within their budget.

2. Luxurious fashion items

Luxurious fashion items

Although the K-Pop group TWICE was just new in the industry in 2015, it appears that the members already have some very devoted fans. One of the members, Sana, celebrated her birthday on December 29th of the same year and received wishes and presents from fans. However, fans were shocked to find out that one fan was able to give an expensive watch, wallet, and clutch worth around P520,000 in total as a birthday gift!

3. Rolex watch

Rolex watch

EXO‘s Baekhyun was once given a Rolex watch for his birthday. The gift was said to be given by one of his biggest fan sites called Polar Light, normally sells for more than P500,000! Apparently, the watch was just one of the many expensive gifts given to him by fans.

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4. Billboards in NYC

Billboards in NYC

BTS and EXO are the two most frequent groups to receive fan-sponsored billboards, as a gift, in Times Square. But aside from them, many K-pop stars and groups have also had ads sponsored in their name. Ad spaces in Times Square vary in cost. A 15-second per hour ad spot is estimated to be around P1,500,000 for one week.

5. P43 million worth of albums

P43 million worth of albums

Another K-Pop star who got an extremely expensive gift from a fan is Hwang Chi-yeul. Hwang Chi-yeul’s Chinese fans posted copies of album receipts worth 900 million won (P43,000,000) with which they purchased on Weibo. The fans did this as a surprise for the singer for his birthday last December 2017.