How to Make Participating in Employee Incentives Programs Easier

How to Make Participating in Employee Incentives Programs Easier

The need for strong and high employee engagement is a vital aspect of a business, no matter if it is a small, medium, or a large company with thousands of employees. Providing employee rewards that would interest employees may result in a more productive workplace, retaining top employees, and even attracting new talents.

In an effort to boost their employee engagement rate, companies begin to devise incentive programs that would appeal to their employees. However, incentives or rewards programs for employees should be planned and designed carefully so employees can easily participate and qualify.

A report from AON Hewitt published last year stated that 71 percent of Filipino employees are engaged in their work. The country has also posted an increase of six points for work engagement.

This is a good indication that more and more Filipino employees are starting to take part in their companies’ incentives rewards. But this number can still be improved and businesses can also strive to find more ways on how they can further encourage their workers.

One of the ways to make them more engaged is to make participating in employee incentives programs easier. Here are some ways on how to achieve it:

Conduct HR Surveys

Make Participating in Employee Incentives Programs Easier - Conduct Surveys

HR surveys conducted regularly are good sources and materials in understanding the satisfaction level of the employees in their office. Survey results give management the chance to fix and streamline various issues and evaluate how they can respond to them. An article published on the Harvard Business Review website states that HR surveys are still one of the best indicators of behavior and adds that people who don’t fill out surveys are most likely to leave in the next six months.

Promote a work environment with open communications between the management and the employees

Make Participating in Employee Incentives Programs Easier - promote work environment

In order to communicate the rewards programs effectively to the employees, make sure that they are well-informed of the criteria and rules. Always be ready to answer employee queries regarding the rewards program and clearly explain each aspect that might confuse them.

Make the employees feel that the company or management do really care for them

Make Participating in Employee Incentives Programs Easier - Make employees appreciated

Once the employees feel appreciated, they will be more interested in participating in the rewards program of the company. Through the program, the management can build a stronger bond between them and the employees. They can also motivate their staff to work harder for them to attain their common goal of reaching new heights for the business.

Companies should also be able to come up with rewards that would trigger the interest of the employees. Although monetary rewards such as cash bonus have always been a part of incentives programs, incentives that give employees a memorable experience are now a trend in giving rewards.

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