Most Loved Gifts: 90s vs 2000s Kids

Most Loved Gifts: 90s vs 2000s Kids

On our past 2 articles, Most Loved Gifts of 90’s Kids and Most Loved Gifts of 2000s Kids, we have recommended the gifts that the 90s and 2000s kids will surely love:

For the 90s Kids in the Philippines

1. Power bank


2. Bluetooth speaker

JBL Bluetooth Speaker

3. G-Shock watch

G-shock watches

For the 2000s Kids in the Philippines

1. Quirky phone cases

black phone case

2. Instant cameras

picture of many instant cameras

3. Play Station 4 Pro

play station 4

4. Statement shirts

statement shirts

5. Razer headphones

Green Razer Headphones

Buying a gift for someone isn’t always easy, and in fact, it can be overwhelming and stressful. We should keep in mind that different generations have different tastes. So today, let’s weigh the factors that should be remembered in choosing gifts that the 90s and 2000s kids in the Philippines will love.

Ease to find

easy to find

Both items for each generation are easy to find thanks to giant e-commerce sites like Shopee and Lazada. But, notice that the gifts for 2000s kids entail more personalization: phone cases & statement shirts.

Also, take into consideration your convenience. Be aware of where you will be able to buy your gift, can you buy it at the mall or should you order it online?

For example, you can find power banks and Bluetooth speakers at the mall and online, as well as phone cases and statement shirts. The only difference is that when you decide to buy the phone cases and statement shirts online, you really need to be sure about the size and phone unit of your recipient.


man holding cellphone while charging using his powerbank

When you give a gift to someone it has to be something that they will use over and over again.  Again, keep in mind the recipient’s to give a present that they won’t stock or throw away immediately.

For example, buy a pink phone case only if your recipient is girly. Another is if your recipient is not into sports, then avoid giving him/her a statement shirt related to sports since he/she will not be able to relate.

Gifts that the 90s kids love here in the Philippines are more practical than the gifts that the 2000s kids love. Power banks and bluetooth speakers are more practical than phone cases and statement shirts. People will not use one shirt over and over but can use a power bank every day for their gadgets.


cashier scanning the barcode of the tshirt

Decide on a price range before you go shopping. Take into consideration the type of event and how close you are to the recipient. Let’s face it, giving gifts doesn’t come that cheap. Belonging to the digital era, giving gifts to the 2000s kids are way more expensive than giving gifts to 90s kids. 2000s kids usually want gadgets like instant cameras and headphones, meaning bigger budget should be alloted.


Based on the factors mentioned above, giving gifts to 90s kids is better than giving gifts to the 2000s kids, when it comes to budget and practicality.

But please do keep in mind that these are just gift suggestions. You still have the freedom to decide what gift your recipient would love. The ideal gift, need not be expensive at all. It would be something they want and can afford but aren’t getting themselves. Get it just right, and it will blow their minds.

Sodexo Premium Pass

Most Practical Ideas - Sodexo Premium Pass is better option

If you still can’t decide what specific gift to buy for your recipient, better give them the most memorable gift that they’ll surely love! Give them Sodexo Premium Pass! It is easy to find, practical and surely fits your budget! Your recipient, whether he/she is a 90s kid or 2000s kid, will surely love this as it can be used in over 10,000 merchants nationwide!

Philippine TV Shows of the 90s and 2000s

In relation with the 90s and 2000s, are you familiar with these shows?


1. Ang TV

Screenshot copy of the AngTV

2. Batibot

Batibot Logo

3. Gimik

gimik casts

4. Oki Doki Doc

Oki Doki Doc

5. Home Along Da Riles

Home Along da Riles


1. Pilipinas, Game Ka Na Ba?

Pilipinas Game KNB

2. Wansapanataym

wansapanataym TV show

3. Beh Bote Nga

Beh Bote Nga TV show

4. Daddy Di Do Du

Daddy Di Do Du

5. MTB: Magandang Tanghali Bayan

Magandang Tanghali Bayan show