Most Loved Gifts of 2000s Kids

Most Loved Gifts of 2000s Kids

Finding the perfect gifts can be quite a challenge especially if the recipient belongs to a different generation. The younger the generation, the tougher it is as they are pickier. If you’re going to give a present to someone who belongs in the 2000s era or born between 1996 to 2009 A.K.A 2000s kids, you should be aware that this age group are considered as the generation who grew up in the digital era, and have much more modern taste when it comes to clothes, gadgets, etc.

But worry no more on finding the ideal gift, as here are the most popular presents to give for 2000s kids in the Philippines:

Quirky Phone cases

Part of this generation is mostly teenagers and fresh graduates, that’s why their taste are more modern and unusual. Phones are surely part of the 2000s kids’ fashion here in the Philippines and they use theirs to express themselves. They always want to have the latest smartphones to be in trend, so why not pair it with a stylish case?

Where to buy:, (for Apple units)

Instant cameras

Instant cameras add old-school charm to this digitally mastered age. The cameras’ vintage look and color are just some of the factors of why they like it, but the near-instant gratification of how photos are taken and how fast it prints are the things that attract them the most. For this generation, the uncertainty of how the photo will turn out only adds to the instant camera experience.

Where to buy: Henry’s Cameras, Photoline, Camera Haus

PlayStation 4 Pro

Considered as one of the most popular gaming consoles and the best plug-and-play gaming platform, Play Station 4 Pro‘s hardware was designed to be comparable to other gaming PCs, which can also stream 4K videos. It also has a 1TB hard drive that is upgradable to 2TB by plugging in an external hard drive.

Where to buy: Sony Stores

Statement shirts

It is common for the 2000s kids in the Philippines to express themselves through fashion, what makes it better is adding swag by wearing statement shirts! Statement shirts will surely give their closet a style upgrade plus they are comfortable, versatile, and full of personality.

Where to buy: Cotton On, Uniqlo, Spoofs, Linya linya

Razer Headphones

Sodexo Premium Pass

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