Top 5 Old School Gift Superstitions in the Philippines

Top 5 Old School Gift Superstitions in the Philippines

Filipinos have adapted old school gift superstitions when it comes to gifting. Many of these superstitions have been carried down from many generations, and as a result, some now have newer versions.

Giving empty wallet or purse is 'malas'

Make sure that when you give a wallet or purse to someone, you put money inside. This will ensure that the purse or wallet will never be empty and signifies wealth.

Using red envelope or Ang Pao

In the Philippines, ang pao is usually used for gifting during Chirstmas or New Year. Filipinos believe that it is lucky for an elderly to give red envelopes or ang pao to children on Christmas or New Year because it will prolong their life.

Shoes are also considered 'malas'

Filipinos believe that giving shoes among couples is a hint of sending the significant other away. In case you get a pair of shoes, you should give a small amount of money to the giver to contradict bad luck and sorrow.

Giving thorny plants are unlucky

In the Philippines, giving thorny plants as a gift symbolizes piercing of relationship between the giver and the receiver. If one wants to give a rose for example, he/she needs to make sure that the thorns are removed.

Don't give a cake to someone before his/her actual birthday

Filipinos consider giving a cake to someone before his/her birthday unlucky. Doing so will bring bad luck to the recipient before their birthday.

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