Personalized Mother’s Day Gifts You Can Buy Online

Personalized Mother’s Day Gifts You Can Buy Online

Personalized items are great Mother’s Day gifts because it adds uniqueness to the gift. As the saying goes, “It’s the thought that counts”, so make your mom know you’ve taken the time to give a thoughtful gift just for her. In this blog, we included personalized Mother’s Day gifts you can buy online especially when you don’t have much time finding a gift in malls or stores:

1. Locket with your family photo (P100-P3,000)


What’s a better way to have a locket personalized other than having a picture of your family in it? Lockets have a unique charm and appeal that never goes out of style. That’s why your mom will surely love this personalized Mother’s Day gift that she can always wear.

Where to buy online: Shopee

2. Personalized Planner (P600-P3,000)


A planner is also a good personalized Mother’s Day Gift to give this Mother’s Day. You can choose the design which best suits the personality of your mom and add her name or a word describing her on the cover. Aside from that, you can also choose how big you want your notebook to be, then pick out the cover’s color and finish.

Where to buy online: Filed!; Plum Paper

3. Customized Luggage Cover (P700-P2,445)

luggage cover

Searching for your bag at the airport luggage carousel can be one of the worst parts of traveling. Why not give her a customized luggage cover that she can use whenever she travels? With the luggage cover, aside from being stylish, her luggage can be protected from dust, scratches and other damages.

Where to buy online: ; Jetsetters Luggage Cover PH (Facebook)

4. Chopping board with laser engraving (P400-P3,000)

chopping board

A chopping board with your mom’s initials or your surname is a great personalized Mother’s gift if your mom loves to cook. These stylish designs make the chopping board more classy and adds character to the kitchen. It can also be a serving board if you have guests coming over!

Where to buy online: ;

5. Air Humidifier with your mom’s favorite scent (P250-P7,000)

Air humidifier

Although we don’t have a dry season here in the Philippines, the air conditioners in our house or office make the air around us dry. Air humidifier has a lot of benefits which makes it a good gift for mom. You can also personalize it by giving essential oils based on your mom’s favorite scent.

Where to buy online: Lazada

6. Mini-Me Caricature Dolls (P1,500-P8,000)

Mini Me Caricature Dolls

This cute doll is surely a personalized Mother’s Day gift that your mom will love! You can pick the outfit to be used according to your mom’s style, or you can also choose an icon and superheroine for the body to be more unique! Just send a clear, front-facing photo of your mom that’s at least 2×2 inches big for their guide.

Where to buy online: Mini Me Caricature Dolls (FB)

7. Embroidered Duffle Bag (P850-P1,500)

Embroidered Duffle Bag

Get your mom an embroidered duffle bag for her gym sessions or travels! Duffle bags from Helios Philippines come in different colors and sizes so you would have a lot of options to choose from. Aside for the color and size, they also have a wide range of fonts to choose from for the custom text you want to add.

Where to buy online: Helios Philippines

8. Sodexo Premium Pass (P500 and above)

Sodexo Premium Pass

Sodexo Premium Pass is also a perfect personalized Mother’s Day Gift since your mom can use it in over 10,000 merchants nationwide! She can use it on whatever she may want to buy- the shoes that she’s been wanting or treat the family to a Mother’s Day dinner at her favorite restaurant! Plus, we have an ongoing discount until May 12, 2019, wherein you can get P600 discount whenever you purchase at least P7,000 worth of gift certificates online. For our existing promos, click here.

Where to buy online: