3 Ways to Provide Convenient Access to Employee Incentives

3 Ways to Provide Convenient Access to Employee Incentives

Presenting attractive employee incentive packages should be one of the main concerns of every company that wishes to improve its employee engagement and keep the employees happy with their jobs and employers.

Retaining happy, satisfied, and loyal employees is a must no matter how big or small or which industry a business belongs to. They need to feel that their efforts and hard work are appreciated and would probably result in a more productive output from them.

However, creating employee rewards can be quite tricky and must be given the utmost consideration in order for them to be effective. Ensure that the criteria for the recognition apply to all ranks of the employees. If this can’t be done, at least prepare rewards for each rank so all employees are covered by the rewards program.

One of the primary conditions for an employee reward program that must be prioritized is providing convenient access to employee incentives. With this, employees can easily participate and qualify for the rewards system of the company.

Here are three ways on how companies can provide easy and convenient access to their employee incentives program:

1. Present user-friendly recognition or rewards processes

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Make sure that employees can easily participate and qualify for the incentives programs. Make the processes or criteria achievable so employees can be motivated to take part and do their best to get the incentives. Take into consideration their age, preference, and even their hobbies when thinking of incentives.

Also, a study conducted by AON found that Filipino employees search for companies that allow them to plan and take actions that would help them do their work. Align the criteria to their tasks and present doable and attainable goals for them to be entitled to the incentives.

2. Make sure the benefits cater to varying preferences of the employees

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Incentives must be considered based on the differing taste of the recipients. For example, access to an outdoor sports facility might be a good idea for athletic employees but those who are not into sports might not be interested in such a prize. Make sure that the rewards will be appreciated and on some occasions, can be used by the employees.

For example, according to the same report from AON, the Philippines is one of the countries that have the youngest employee population in the world and that Rewards and Recognition is one of the Top 5 Engagement Opportunities in the country. Older employees might prefer financial benefits but it is also possible that millennial employees prefer experiential rewards where they can get memorable adventures.

3. Offer adaptable and flexible rewards options

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Do not just stick to offering monetary or financial rewards. Think of other possible incentives that would entice the employees to do their jobs well and to be happy and satisfied while working in their company. Showing appreciation to the employees does not always equate to giving them a bonus or extra amount in their salary. Employees appreciate even the smallest of things handed to them, but it is still a must for companies to come up with the best rewards for their employees.

The Best Employee Incentive Option

In the Philippines, gift certificates have become one of the most preferred rewards by employees for all occasions and events. A good example would be the gift certificates from Sodexo. The Premium Pass is the leading gift voucher in the country and is accepted in thousands of Partner Merchants nationwide. These merchants include premium shopping malls and leading convenience stores, food chains and restaurants, appliance, gadget, and specialty stores, and even leisure resorts and hotels.

Recipients can have a memorable shopping experience without the hassle of carrying a lot of money when doing their shopping or dining out with their loved ones or friends. They can also choose whenever and wherever they want to use the GCs.

For the employers, choosing Sodexo gift vouchers as part of their Employee Rewards program will also be beneficial to them in terms of logistics and storage. No need to have large warehouses or couriers to deliver the rewards.

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