Referral Program Ideas to Drive More Leads in 2019

Referral Program Ideas to Drive More Leads in 2019

It is a fact that companies need more customers in order to further grow their businesses. But somehow, gaining customers is still a difficult task to achieve so specific strategies must be done to boost B2B leads.

One of the proven methods to win more customers is through a B2B Referral Program. This kind of program refers to a process in which satisfied customers recommend services or products to their network by asking a company’s Sales Team to reach out to their contacts or referrals.

A study titled Brand Advocate and Engagement Survey found that 78 percent of marketers identified referral marketing as generating excellent leads. This is aligned with the claim of Hank Barnes, Gartner Research Director, that B2B buyers are progressively relying on peers and professional communities for buying decisions.

To make this more effective, internal teams should devise flawless referral experience for B2B customers in order to come up with a new revenue stream of high-quality leads.

B2B referral program ideas you need to consider:

Referral Program Ideas to Drive More Leads in 2019 - process is clear

1. Make sure your referral process is clear. Gain your customers’ trust by explaining clearly how the information they provided will be used, how the referral process goes, and when they can expect updates on the status of their referral.

Referral Program Ideas to Drive More Leads in 2019 - easy

2. Make referral submissions easy. Present channels or ways where your customers can easily refer potential clients or contacts. Give in detail the types of clients you’re searching for so they will have an idea of the kind of who would fit your criteria.

Referral Program Ideas to Drive More Leads in 2019 - fun

3. Aside from making it easy, try to make your referral program fun for your existing network. Come up with fun and creative ways on how you can convince your network to participate in the program without appearing like you’re obliging them to give you information.

Referral Program Ideas to Drive More Leads in 2019 - give rewards

4. Make giving referrals rewarding for your customers. When giving out rewards for your referral program, money isn’t the only option. In fact, you can make it more meaningful by rewarding them with Sodexo gift certificates. Gift certificates from Sodexo, such as the Premium Pass, provide perks and benefits for the recipients.

Sodexo gift certificates can be used in more than 10,000 Partner Merchants in the country. These merchants include malls, convenience stores, appliance and gadget stores, fast food chains, restaurants, hotels, and gas stations.

Plus, gift certificates can also be shared with friends and loved ones. Recipients can bring them along in their shopping spree or treat them in sumptuous treats when dining out. Sodexo GCs can also be used for personal gifting because it is good as cash. Goods and services can be availed easily and without any trouble.

Make Sodexo gift certificates a part of your referral Program ideas this year. Order them online at and have it delivered at your office conveniently.