Top 10 Nostalgic Gifts in the Philippines

Top 10 Nostalgic Gifts in the Philippines

If you’re still having a hard time to look for a gift, another awesome idea is to give a nostalgic gift. Your mom, dad or friend will surely be glad to see a vintage book, toy or accessory from their era of the 60s, 70s, 80s or 90s, since most of us love a nostalgic look back at our childhood! Here are the top 10 nostalgic gifts from different eras that your recipient will surely love:


1. Brick game

Price: P85 and above

Where to buy: Shopee

Brick game

The Brick Game is a very trending handheld gaming console which had a monochrome LCD and a bunch of simple games like Tetris, car racing, tank, snake and Brick Breaker. It was very rare to see kids during the late 80s and early 90s not holding one of the Brick Game due to its popularity.

2. Game Boy

Price: P1,000 and above

Where to buy: Amazon, ebay

Game Boy

The Nintendo Game Boy is a handheld video game console, introduced by Nintendo in 1989. The console had an introductory price at around P4,700, which was quite expensive back in the 90s. Pokemon Red/ Pokemon Blue, Tetris, and Super Mario Land were some of it’s most popular games. Game Boys are quite difficult to find these days, however, you can still buy one online.

3. Pokemon cards

Price: P200 and above

Pokemon cards

The Pokemon Trading Card Game is said to be one of the most fun and original card games during the last few decades. For instance, if you’re a 90s kid, for sure you had (or still have) some of these Pokemon cards.

4. Tamagotchi

Price: P80 and above

Where to buy: Shopee


Tamagotchi is also a great nostalgic gift, especially for the 90s kids. This was created in Japan in 1996, and became one of the hugest toy trends of the decade. It’s name came from the Japanese word for egg, “tamago,” and the English word “watch,”. According to a report, more than 76 million Tamagotchis were sold worldwide. Today, you may still buy Tamagotchi at .

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5. Mood rings

Price: P90 and above

Where to buy: The Bead Shop (online and mall stores), Lazada

Mood rings

Mood rings are one of the most popular jewelry trends of the 1970s. These rings were usually worn by women of all ages and some men as well. For many, it was a must-have item that determines their emotions, for instance, whether they are angry, happy, calm or other emotions you can name. The price of the first mood rings was actually quite expensive ranging at around P2,500 and above.

6. Swatch watches

Price: P2,000 and above

Where to buy: Swatch stores

Swatch watches

Swatch watch, another cool nostalgic gift to give, was launched in 1983 and targeted primarily at fashionable young people. Swatch dials were a riot of colorful, cheerful, cheeky designs. The brand created a phenomenon called “watch wardrobing”, wherein people buy multiple watches for different outfits or occasions. What makes watches cool during the 80s was not electronic accuracy but the original, outrageous design.  

7. Dr. Martens Boots

Price: P2,000 and above

Where to buy: Dr. Martens stores

Dr. Martens Boots

The brand Dr. Martens began in the mid-1960s as a work boot. From being popular with skinheads in the 1960s to punks in the 1980s, grunge in the ’90s and Britpop in the early 2000s, the sturdy shoes have been synonymous with a range of subcultures for over five decades.


8. Vinyl record

Price: P700 and above

Where to buy:, Satchmi (online and stores), Northwest Estate and Collectibles

Vinyl record

Vinyl records were popular back in the 70s, but are becoming a thing again today. For most music lovers, they still prefer to listen to Vinyl records because unlike digital music, you can’t simply push play and walk away while it provides hours of background noise. The turntable’s needle needs to be moved over and the album needs to be flipped for the music to continue. For some people, they also like the thrill of finding vinyl records to their collection.

9. Walkman

Price: P1,000 and above

Where to buy: ebay


It was in 1979 when Walkman hit the market at around P8,000. Walkman is a small cassette player with a pair of lightweight headphones that can be brought around when traveling or outside of your home. Sony sold 50 million units ten years after it’s launch, and competitors failed to go against it. The term “Walkman” even entered the Oxford English Dictionary and used to describe any cassette player.

Comic lovers:

10. Archie comics

Price: P200 and above

Where to buy: National Bookstore, Comic Odyssey

Archie comics

This is the perfect nostalgic gift if your recipient loves comics! Archie comics, which was introduced in the late 40s, is still well-known until today. The goal of the said comics is to be a place of comfort to our readers, especially for the youngest readers. For sure, fans over the year have seen how Archie Comics has evolved until today.