Top Gift Certificates in the Philippines for 2019

Top Gift Certificates in the Philippines for 2019

There’s no denying that gift certificates have become one of the most in-demand giveaways and form of incentives in the Philippines. Mostly, employees and customers look forward to receiving gift certificates because of the shopping flexibility they give to the recipients.

There are various kinds of gift certificates or vouchers available in the Philippines. These gift certificates provide access to some of the most popular and trendiest establishments in the country. Because of this, the public values the experience they get by using the vouchers, and therefore prefers gift certificates when given the chance to give or receive presents.

Companies and employers can choose from a wide variety of top gift certificates in the Philippines. Here are some of the most coveted vouchers in the country today:

Top Gift Certificates in the Philippines for 2019 - Restaurant Gift certificates

Restaurant Gift Certificates

Filipinos love to eat! And nowadays, buffet and eat-all-you-can restaurants are all the fuss especially for millennials. More popular fast food chains also give out gift vouchers as a marketing strategy and as a part of their Consumer Promotion and Loyalty Programs.

Top Gift Certificates in the Philippines for 2019 - Spa and Wellness gift certificates

Spa and Wellness Gift Certificates

This is also a hit among the younger professionals because this generation has become more active and health-conscious. Most of the time, recipients can bring or share the spa experience with their loved ones so it becomes a memorable experience for them.

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Department Store Gift Certificates

Such gift certificates allow holders to shop in leading mall department stores nationwide. GC Regalo offers this type of GCs such as the Walter Mart Gift Pass and the versatile SM Gift Pass. Walter Mart Gift Pass can be used in all Walter Mart branches, Walter Mart Supermarkets, Abenson, Electroworld, and Homeplus stores in the country. On the other hand, the SM Gift Pass can be used not only in department stores but also in SM supermarkets and other affiliate brands inside the SM malls such as Uniqlo, Miniso, Watsons, Forever21, Ace Hardware, and Toy Kingdom.

Top Gift Certificates in the Philippines for 2019 - Supermarket Gift Certificates

Supermarket Gift Certificates

Buying our basic needs such as food and toiletries is one task that most of us do. So supermarket gift certificates are truly useful especially if they were sent as gifts or incentives from the office or other promotions. GC Regalo offers Rustan’s Supermarket Gift Pass which allows the recipient to feel an exquisite shopping experience in the premium supermarket in the country. Shopwise and Wellcome Gift Certificates are also available at the GC Regalo website. This gift certificate gives access to the GC holder to a wide selection of everyday essentials and affordable products with promo add-ins in all Shopwise and Wellcome branches.

Top Gift Certificates in the Philippines for 2019 - Appliance and Gadgets Gift Certificates

Specialty, Appliance, and Gadget Stores Gift Certificates

Everybody loves new appliance and gadgets so receiving gift certificates from the most in-demand appliance and gadget stores will surely bring a smile on their face. This is also the reason why employers consider giving out gift certificates that enable their employees to get their dream appliance or gadgets without breaking the bank.

Top Gift Certificates in the Philippines for 2019 - Sodexo Premium Pass

Sodexo Premium Pass

This gift certificate is the leading and most preferred gift certificate in the country and it is not hard to see why. With more than 10,000 Partner Merchants, the Premium Pass can be used in food chains, restaurants, supermarkets, groceries, convenience stores, appliance stores, health and beauty clinics, and it can also be used to book for local and international trips.

It allows the recipients to freely choose where they will use the gift certificates and they can even let their loved ones and friends experience unforgettable shopping time using the GCs.

As for the employers, ordering Sodexo gift certificates is made easy and hassle-free. Thru GC Regalo, they can order online up to P500,000 worth of gift certificates and have them delivered to their office. They can also include a personal message and choose between P500 and P100 denominations for the gift certificates that they will order.

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