Unique Gift Ideas for your Sales Team this Christmas

Unique Gift Ideas for your Sales Team this Christmas

For your Sales Team, achieving the sales quota is their primary goal every month. Commissions are  given whenever they’re able to hit the target, but companies must not forget to give them something extra for all the effort they have shown throughout the year.

Although gratitude must always be shown to the people who strive to improve your business, there’s no better time to do so than this Christmas season. In the spirit of gift-giving, a little token of appreciation for your Sales Team goes a long way. And we’re not talking about monetary gifts. Instead, we’re suggesting giving them presents that would provide unforgettable and one-of-a-kind experience.

Here are some ideas for the best and unique gift ideas for your Sales Team this Holidays:

Unique Gift Ideas for your Sales Team this Christmas - Meal with Boss

1. Have a meal with the Boss/Head of the Company

It’s not every day that employees get a chance to sit down and share a meal with the higher-ups in the company. So for a special season like Christmas, this is the perfect time for employees to mingle with their leaders. It is also an opportunity for them to pitch in whatever business ideas they might have. In return, bosses can also interact with their employees and give them a chance to improve their working relationship and culture within the company.


Unique Gift Ideas for your Sales Team this Christmas - Free lunch for the team

2. Free Lunch for the Team

Nobody says no to food. So this is one sure way of rewarding your Sales Team with something that they will never forget. Let them feast on sumptuous dishes that they don’t normally get to eat and let them enjoy the meal by freely talking to each other. This activity will also strengthen the camaraderie within the team.


Unique Gift Ideas for your Sales Team this Christmas - Adventure Day

3. Adventure Day

Give them a time off their busy schedules on a weekday and let them enjoy some fun time under the sun. Decide on doing something daring such as rock climbing or zip lining. Doing this gives them an experience they can share and talk about within the team or their loved ones even after Christmas is over.
Unique Gift Ideas for your Sales Team this Christmas - Reward with Sodexo Gift Certificate

4. Reward them with Sodexo Gift Certificates

Distributing gift certificates is a yearly tradition for corporations during the Christmas season. However, this is one of the most genuine ways of expressing gratitude to employees such as your Sales Team. Gift certificates in the Philippines are one of the most preferred rewards of employees, especially during the Holidays.

With Sodexo gift certificates, your Sales Team can fully maximize the perks and benefits. They can shop, dine, buy gadgets and appliances, and even book their trips here and abroad – giving them the freedom to enjoy their rewards. Also, these gift certificates can be used whenever and wherever they want to because of the wide merchant network and they have no expiration date.

This Christmas, make your employee gifting easier through the online ordering of Sodexo gift certificates at www.GCRegalo.com. Choose from the various kinds of available gift certificates such as the Premium Pass, Christmas ham and basket gift certificates, SM Gift Pass, and many more. Irresistible deals and promos also await online shoppers whenever their orders are confirmed. With this, you can even save without compromising the quality of the experience you can give to your Sales Team and just let them enjoy the fruit of their labor.