Unique Ways to Boost Employee Rewards Programs in 2019

Unique Ways to Boost Employee Rewards Programs in 2019

2018 is about to end so it signals another year of new Employee Rewards Programs for companies to strengthen their working relationship with their employees.

In devising more effective rewards programs for employees, careful planning should be done. Consider various factors in order to be more flexible and fair to all employees.

In 2019, develop rewards programs that would further boost employee motivation and help them perform their tasks better. Make them feel valued and appreciated through programs that would highlight how the companies are grateful for all their effort and hard work.

To help you come up with some effective Employee Rewards Programs for 2019, here are some tips and ideas:

Unique Ways to Boost Employee Rewards Program in 2019 - Boost the Core Values of your Company

1. Launch a monthly Rewards Program that highlights the core values of the company. Let the employees choose the one that best exemplifies such values for the previous month. This could also be a way to reinforce the core values of the business.

Unique Ways to Boost Employee Rewards Program in 2019 - Present a game

2. Present a game-like milestone or achievement by “unlocking” or getting badges. Set specific goals for each department or for each employee and let them “unlock” or reach those goals. In return, they earn a “badge” for each achievement and they get something when they have completed all the badges.

Unique Ways to Boost Employee Rewards Program in 2019 - Give Points to Sales Quota

3. Give points to different teams whenever they reach their sales quota or they were able to overcome a hard and important task. You can set a monthly, quarterly, or yearly recognition program to applaud those who were able to get high points.

Unique Ways to Boost Employee Rewards Program in 2019 - ask employees for suggestions

4. Ask your employees for suggestions every month or quarter regarding the things that the company should do in order to improve the work environment, employee relationship, and even the simplest things such as cleanliness and orderliness of the office. The best suggestion gets to take home a reward.

What to Give as Employee Incentives

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