The Unsung Heroes of the Philippines

The Unsung Heroes of the Philippines

As we celebrate National Heroes Day, we cherish all the sacrifices of our great heroes who fought hard for the freedom of our motherland. Without our great heroes, there is no independent country called the Philippines and Filipinos will forever live with the pride of our independence. Today, the Philippines is an independent sovereign state for more than a century. Do you think Filipino heroes still exists in our present generation?

Aside from our famous national heroes like Jose Rizal, Juan Luna, Apolinario Mabini, there are tons of new great Filipino heroes we can be proud of in our present generation.

Here are just some few of them:

1. OFWs

The Unsung Heroes of the Philippines - OFWs

OFWs play an important role in our local economy as their remittances contributes big effect on our GDP (Gross Domestic Product) providing more spending and investment in our country. In fact, OFW remittances hit $2.35 billion in April 2018 according to Banko Sentral ng Pilipinas.

Nonetheless, being an OFW is not an easy task, aside from the hardships in their daily job, being far with their family can be the biggest challenge for them but because of their passion and courage to provide a great life for their family in the Philippines they still choose to live and work hard outside of our country.


2. Local Nurses

The Unsung Heroes of the Philippines - Local Nurses

Being a nurse is not only a profession but a way of life meant to serve others. As we all know, there is a lack of hospital facilities here in the Philippines especially for the poor. We can say that nurses is the lifeblood of the hospitals as they do all the legwork from administrative works, taking care and checking the patients every now and then, assisting the doctors, etc. It is not an easy task and they receive one of the lowest pays as professionals.

Some nurses choose to go and migrate abroad but our local nurses here in our country still choose to work and serve the Filipinos. Sacrifice makes a person a hero and we should always be thankful to the sacrifice and passion of our local nurses for their profession.


3. Teachers

The Unsung Heroes of the Philippines - Teachers

Teachers do not only teach us how to read, write, do math and analyze and interpret information, our teachers also act as our second parents, life mentor or even a friend. They also work to take care and inspire the future generation. In order for you to be a teacher, it requires values, undying patience and understanding for the young minds.

In comparison to other professions like engineers, doctors and corporate executives, teachers’ salary is way too small. But because of their love for teaching and helping shape the future generation, teachers still choose and live by their profession and continue to inspire others to secure our future generation.


Final Thoughts

During National Heroes Day, aside from commemorating and cherishing the greatness of our national heroes, we should also cherish all the sacrifices of our present heroes because of their great contributions to our country. During this very special day, why not give them a sweet letter or give them a special present? It will inspire them and make them feel proud of their chosen profession.

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