Best Ways to Reward Your Kids to Do Better at School

Best Ways to Reward Your Kids to Do Better at School

We Filipinos put so much value on our children’s education, in fact, even if we are living in a 3rd world country, our literacy rate is as high as
96.5 percent
. This is something we should be proud of! Kudos to us!

But, is really enrolling our children in a good school and providing them the resources they need is enough? Definitely, we should do more than that.

As parents, we are also responsible that our children are motivated and always excited about school and learning.

For us to stimulate learning and to motivate them to do better, we need to first educate them about the importance of being responsible and letting them know the value of education at an early age. We, as parents should be a role model and set a good example. We should let them feel that we as adults also enjoy learning and learning is a fun thing.

Many teachers use a more scientific approach to this and this is through reward and gifting system.

So let’s dig in!

1. Experiential Reward

Dad training little boy taking camera at dam,vintage

Nothing is more fun and exciting when we spend quality time for our kids. Rather than simply giving them cash or toys, better if we include trips as our reward. Good memories with their parents is a good investment for their childhood memories. Don’t forget to let them choose their favorite place though.

2. Cash with a twist

If you want to give cash as your reward, nothing is wrong with that but you can level it up! Open a bank account for your child so he/she can also learn about the importance of saving money. This is not usually taught in school. By doing so, you are also teaching your child about other important things in life aside from getting good grades.

Here are some of the banks that offers savings account for kids:

BDO Junior Savers
BPI Jumpstart Savings
PS Bank Kiddie and Teen Savers Account

Some parents are not fond of giving money to their kids. In this case, you may give them gift certificates instead.

3. Praise them

Don’t put so much focus on just the end result. Rather, let them know that you value and appreciate their efforts. Make time to talk about your child’s achievements and all the steps that they make in getting their goals at school. Sometimes, the process is more important than the end result.

4. Points for the effort

Even us adults feel frustrated when things are going wrong. -This is a negative feeling and for sure, you don’t what your child to feel this way. Instead of being harsh, putting them down or providing a punishment, give them a consolation prize for the effort they made so the next time, they will feel more motivated to do more instead of having lack of trust with their self. Every child has different learning curves and as parents, we have to be very understanding of this matter.

5. Celebrate big

Happy boy celebrating party on a white background. Blows up glitter plastic paper flake.

There is nothing wrong with celebrating the achievements of your child whether its small or big. At an early age, your kid must appreciate the value of celebrating and cherishing goals as it will boost their self-esteem and self-appreciation. This plays a huge role in your child’s mental development when they grow.

Many adults today are suffering from depression and anxiety and one of the causes is low self-esteem. Low self-esteem can be triggered in the early stage of our lives. So, making efforts in developing it as this can play a huge role in their psychological health when they grow up.