Why Gift Checks Make the Best Presents

Why Gift Checks Make the Best Presents

Gift certificates or also commonly known as gift vouchers, gift checks or simply GCs in the Philippines are known for an incentive for employees given by their employers.

But did you know that gift checks is one of the best presents you can give for different occasions like birthdays, weddings and Christmas?

Here are the major reasons why:

1. Avoid epic fails

Sometimes, you are not sure about your recipient’s taste and preferences so you make your own decision on what gift to give. Common result? Epic fail gift. Gift certificates are ideal if you are not sure about what gift to give. -With gift checks, you are in the safe zone!

2. No Hassles

If you have a very busy schedule with work and your family and you have no extra time to think, look and shop for gifts, vouchers are perfect for you. With gift vouchers, you don’t need to spend time looking around the mall.

3. One size fits all

Gift certificates are commonly accepted in many merchant categories from shopping, dining, entertainment, and travel. So it acts as a gift that could fit with any age and gender.

4. You can buy it online

For absolutely zero hassle, in just a few clicks you can buy gift certificates online at www.GCregalo.com

5. Seasonal promotions

Gift checks offer seasonal promotions like discounts, rebates and freebies your recipient can enjoy which what makes it more exciting to spend compared to cash.

6. It’s experiential

Gifts in kinds are perfect if you want to give a ‘remembrance’ but with gift checks, you are giving a memorable experience.

In fact, when given as incentives or rewards for employees, every time they spend their gift certificates, they think about their employers. -Same goes if given as a personal gift. Whenever your recipient spends their gift checks, they also think about you.

Most well-known gift certificates in the Philippines:

Sodexo Premium Pass

SM Gift Pass

Rustan’s Gift Certificate

Shopwise & Wellcome Gift Certificate

Walter Mart Gift Pass

Final Thoughts

Gift checks are truly not only for employee reward & incentive, but it is also an ideal present for personal gifting because it makes your life easier without the compromise.

During the Christmas season where everybody is busy with all the holiday stuff, gift certificates are ideal if you want to save time and beat the holiday rush.