Security and Privacy Policy


Your data’s security is our primary concern which is why we have undergone the necessary precautions to ensure that your personal and credit / debit card information are safe when you transact with GC Regalo.

Your GC Regalo account personal information is protected by a password for your security and privacy. You can further prevent unauthorized access to your account and personal information by exercising due care by choosing and protecting your password appropriately and limiting access to your computer and browser by signing off after you are done accessing your account.

Furthermore, the personal information you submit upon registration is protected using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption and are kept in a secure database within our servers.

You can trust that we will not be sharing or selling your personal information. This will only be accessible to those directly involved in providing you with your orders which are as follows:

  • Sodexo Employees - Those with a valid business need to provide you with our services and for verification purposes should you call the Customer Service Team.
  • Third Party Courier - We employ the services of a reputable logistics service provider. Your personal information such as name and address will be shared to them in order for the successful performance of their tasks.

Other than the 2 items mentioned above, exceptional circumstances may require us to disclose personal information such as when there are grounds to believe that it would be necessary to prevent threat to life or health or for law enforcement purposes. Sodexo is committed to complying with the Data Privacy Act of the Philippines.

Changes to our Security and Privacy Policy

Sodexo reserves the right to change the privacy statement from time to time. Any changes in the policy will be posted in our website.


Should you have any concern in the way we have handled your inquiry or if you have any complaints, please do not hesitate to contact us at GCRegalo e-mail address.