About us

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We are an online gift certificate (GC) store owned by SM and Sodexo. GC Regalo aspires to provide an easy, fast, flexible and reliable gifting experience for your family, friends, loved ones, employees, sales channel distributors and trade partners in the Philippines in just a click away.

Our gift certificates (GCs) serve as ideal gifts fit for all ages and all occasions with so many uses! With our GCs, our Kabayans will be able to provide gifts for shopping, dining, entertainment, grocery and many more!

Why gift certificate instead of in kind?

With GCs, recipients have the freedom to choose the gifts they like. Sometimes, we send gifts like shirts, pants, etc. but we are surprised that sizes, colors, and style do not fit with our recipients' preferences. In this digital age, gift certificates like ours can now be purchased online so you do not have to worry about this!

Why gift certificate instead of cash?

You are secured that it will not be spent on vices or anything. If you want to surprise them by giving a shopping experience, you are sure that it will be spent on shopping!

Why gift certificate is a good giveaway alternative idea?

Clients can also choose to buy gift certificates as a form of giveaways in incentivizing, rewarding and recognizing their business partners, consumers, and sales distribution agents. It is a perfect reward option for trading, product promotion, customer loyalty program and even employees.